Flashing Lamp Lights

This flashing lights circuit can be used as beacon. The assembly consists basically of two blinking steps that commands two light bulbs. With the help of P1 you can adjust the flashing frequency between some limits.

Flashing Lamp Lights Circuit Diagram:

Flashing Lamp Lights Circuit Diagram

There are 2 parts for the circuit, the second one works the same way as the other but with the help of a wire bridge or a switch you can choose different operating modes. A bridge between M and 3 means: 2 independent blinks. If there is a bridge between M and 2, then the lamps lights alternatively with a frequency that can be adjusted with P1. And finally there is one more possibility for M and 1, where the lamps blinks at the same time.

The flashing lights circuit works with voltages between 3V and 15V.  The lamps voltage must be 2/3 of working voltage. R5 and R10 are chosen so that the lamps are about to light.


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